Discount Coupons for Personal Customers

On this page, from time to time, Flaunt Designs will be posting a variety of discount coupon codes.

Those that appear would be for  (not exclusive list) :

  • A specific percentage discount on specific non-sale priced products.
  • A specific discount for the whole shopping cart for non-sale priced products, subject to a minimum customer spend.
  • Each discount coupons will be restricted to single use by any particular customer.
  • Each discount coupons will be valid for a specific time period.

So return to this page frequently to review our discounted offers.

Our Coupons – just copy and paste the codes on our View Cart (basket) or Checkout pages.

Coupon Code

What the coupon does

Expiry date

Terms and Conditions, whether published or not, will ALWAYS apply including our rights to discontinue or withdraw any or all discount coupon codes without notification, whether discount codes are published or not.